HABITUS Volume 27
published_at 2023-03-20


Overcoming Nihilism in Nietzsche and Its Significance in Modern Times
Yasuda Kei
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Technology’s impact on our lives has been increasing, and it is unlikely that its influence will diminish in the future, especially because technology has aspects that contribute to the development of mankind. However, the impact of technology on us also has a negative side it often facilitates "escape from ourselves." As technology becomes increasingly prevalent, so do its negative effects. This study discusses the ways in which we can face ourselves without escaping from ourselves in the modern world, using Nietzsche's nihilism and the existence that overcomes it as clues. At that time, what plays an important role is the way of being in "Übermensch"―“Self-overcoming” Self-overcoming implies attempting to transcend yourself―alternatively, "self-transformation," which necessitates intrepid self-enquiry. This study concludes that fearlessness in self inquiry will become even more significant in the modern world, where the impact of technology on human beings is continuously increasing.