HABITUS Volume 27
published_at 2023-03-20


History of Women's Magazines in Modern China
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Many women's liberation movements have flourished in modern China, starting from the late Qing Dynasty through the Xinhai Revolution and the Sino-Japanese War. In those liberation movements, mass media such as newspapers and magazines played a major role and developed as political propaganda tools and intellectuals' speech space. To explore the history of women's emancipation in modern China, it is necessary to understand the history of women's magazines of the time.
In this study , I will discuss the history of women's magazines in modern China. I will follow a chronological order, rather than limiting the discussion to a specific region, period, or magazine, to clarify the characteristics and overall picture of women's magazines in modern China (1898-1945). This article is divided into four periods: (1) the Xinhai Revolution (1898-1917), (2) the May Fourth Movement (1917-1921), (3) the period after the establishment of the Communist Party (1921-1937), and (4) the Sino-たに Japanese War (1937-1945). The study will focus on the original texts of specific women's magazines especially women's magazines that have not been discussed in detail in previous studies from each period.