Volume 25
Date of Issue:2021-03-20
current number
ISSN:  2186-7909
発行元 :  西日本応用倫理学研究会
Yake (despair) as the great abandonment of patience: Ji-bo / ji-ki (suicide / self-abandonment)
KONDO Yoshiki
PP. 1 - 16
Possibility of Inclusive Education through Steiner Education
Eto Yoshinori
PP. 17 - 33
Philosophia naturalis and scientia naturalis in Kant’s Opus postumum
PP. 34 - 50
Cultural Differences between Japan and China regarding the Confucian Concept of Giri
Yu Jiacheng
PP. 51 - 66
Research on medical professional–patient relationships in China from the acquaintance society perspective
Cai Yuanyue
PP. 67 - 79
Regaining the world of “life” through engeki -teki chi (theatrical knowledge): Considering Yujiro Nakamura’s Majo randa kou
Zheng Xiyin
PP. 80 - 92
The Thought and Educational Practices of Hu Shih: The Influence of Dewey
Ren Yanan
PP. 93 - 111