HABITUS Volume 27
published_at 2023-03-20


Possibility of Education for School Refusers with Developmental Disorders by Steiner Education
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The theme of this research, "The problem of school refusers with developmental disabilities,”, was clarified through activities at an author managed facility for children with developmental disabilities. This multi-functional day care facility provides child development support and after-school day service.
There are two major problems here.
First, "school refusers with developmental disabilities" have not yet been appropriately positioned within the support systems of "developmental disorders'' and "school refusal.'' Second, there is a lack of effective theories and practices for education and support for "school refusers with developmental disabilities." In this context, our education model for "school refusers with developmental disabilities", has been highly evaluated by local governments and schools in terms of remedial education, and is expected to be a leading model project.
The educational theory and practices are based on Steiner education, which is based on a holistic, spiritual scientific understanding of human beings with a view to the realm of the unconscious. Additionally, this education model emphasizes artistic pedagogy and nature experience activities, which help children satisfy their individual intellectual desires and interests, and feel useful.
As discussed above, this research aims to build an effective support system and therapeutic model for "school refusers with developmental disabilities" through theoretical and practical research based on Steiner education. However, in this study, I will present only the preliminary framework of this research. In subsequent studies, I would describe the concrete content based on theoretical and practical analyses.