HABITUS Volume 27
published_at 2023-03-20

E.M. グルネリウスの幼稚園教師になるための学び

E. M. Grunelius’s learning for kindergarten teachers
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The purpose of this study is to investigate E.M. Grunelius's (1895-1989) learning for kindergarten teachers. R. Steiner (1862-1925) had recognized her as his successor. However, it cannot be concluded that Grunelius's pract ice was entirely based on Steiner's theory and practices. Exploring her educational experience will help clarify the link between Steiner's theory and her practice. In this research, the following were identified when examining the actual situation of the "Comenius-Seminar" and "Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus where she studied.
1. In Germany at the time, becoming a kindergarten teacher implied learning the Fröebel education method. In fact, H. Klosterman (1858-1935) advocated the significance of play for childr en based on Fröebel's theory of education.
2. At the time, a youth leader's qualification was required to become a kindergarten’s director, and “Pestalozzi Fröbel Haus” was the only facility where this qualification could be obtained.
3. During the period when Grunelius studied, “Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus” was based on Fröbel's educational method. However, it had an innovative environment, encouraging learning and incorporating new educational methods, such as the Montessori method.
Grunelius learned Fröbel's educational theory and practice and developed her skills as a kindergarten teacher during a revolutionary era in education.