Memoirs of the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. IV, Science reports

ISSN : 1340-8364
Publisher : 広島大学総合科学部
The Effect of Romantic Relationship and Romantic Breakup on Self-concept
山下 倫実 Sakata Kiriko
PP. 1 - 15
The effect of the direction of intergroup comparison, sharing another category, and trait self-esteem on the rejective attitude toward a superior in-group member
Isobe Chikae Ura Mitsuhiro
PP. 17 - 29
Effect of narcissistic tendency on avoidant behaviors
前田 高幸 Iwanaga Makoto Seiwa Hidetoshi
PP. 31 - 41
Relations of self-focus and rumination to social anxiety and depression
Sasaki Akiko 河崎 千枝 Iwanaga Makoto Seiwa Hidetoshi
PP. 43 - 55
Examination of relation between the stress of a supervisor and informal leader existence in job group.
Koguchi Hiroshi
PP. 57 - 71
Distribution of dioxins in atmospheric deposition, soils, and bottom sediments of rivers and coastal sea in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan
Sakugawa Hiroshi 山下 俊幸 宮地 和夫
PP. 73 - 89
Verification of piezometric method for the observation of dissolved component and pressure head dynamics in a tidal flat groundwater
Hayashi Masaki Onodera Shin-ichi Takei Tsutomu
PP. 91 - 98
Analysis of the Landslide Behavior with the Total Station Survey in Nishi-Ikawa, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan
森 格 笹井 康佑 井上 新平 Kaibori Masahiro
PP. 99 - 115