Bulletin of the Research Center for the Technique of Representation

Publisher : 表現技術プロジェクト研究センター
Yukashi Kanō, a Woman Reporter who crossed the Sea: Focusing on the Taiwan Aikoku Fujin Era
PP. 1 - 26
‘‘Regrets about autumn,’’ Japanese poetry contest held by Yozei, the Retired Emperor: Impact of Earlier Poetry
GU Yuhao
PP. 27 - 43
In Search of Lost Memories: Rethinking Mitsuyo KAKUTA’s Youkame no Semi
PP. 45 - 69
On the Publication of Liang Qichao’s Works: an analysis focusing on Renyinxinmincongbaohuibian and Yinbingshiwenjileibian
ZHANG Shujun
PP. 71 - 86
“Pingfu Tie”: Issues related to the author and establishment period
YANG Chunyu
PP. 87 - 103
Four Poems on Cats in Japanese Translation
PP. 105 - 114
Wer ist Josefine?: Über die Beziehung zwischen der Protagonistin und dem „Volk der Mäuse“ in Kafkas Josefine-Erzählung
PP. 1 - 10
Three different Chinese translations of Naoya Shiga’s “Tensei,” centering on Wojun Zhang’s translation
CHEN Jiawen
PP. 11 - 27