Journal of Hiroshima University Archives

ISSN : 1880-263X
Publisher : Hiroshima University Archives
Special topic
Scientists from the colonies of the Empire: Before and after the establishment of the “Faculty of Science and Engineering” at Keijō Imperial University
PP. 2 - 37
Study in Mainland Japan on the Second or Third Generations of Japanese Businessmen in Colonial Korea
KIMURA, Kenji;
PP. 38 - 54
Formation of an Education Network by the Empire of Japan: The Rapid Growth of Japanese Schools in Manchukuo and China
FUKUSHIMA, Hiroyuki;
PP. 55 - 81
YAMADA, Hiroyuki; YAMAGUCHI, Teruomi; Ishida, Masaharu;
PP. 82 - 92
Considering research conducted by university archivists
KAN, Masaki;
PP. 93 - 102
KAYO, Rebun;
PP. 126 - 113