Journal of Hiroshima University Archives
Issue 12
Date of Issue:2010-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1880-263X
Publisher : Hiroshima University Archives
The Classification of Local National Universities under the National University Corporation Law <Article>
PP. 1 - 23
Study of the Launch of a National-wide Organization by the Studies for the Study of General Higher Education I : From to Start the All Japan Federation of Study Groups on General Higer Education <Article>
Shizuki Takashi
PP. 24 - 53
A Study of the Facts of Central Council for Education : The Process of Decision that the Report concerning the Improvement of Teacher Education System <Article>
PP. 54 - 73
A Study on the Curriculum in Hiroshima Higher Technical School during the Inter Period <Article>
Sakai Makoto
PP. 74 - 86
Screen Hiroshima edited by KAJIYAMA Toshiyuki <Historical Document>
Oda Takami
PP. 87 - 93