Journal of Hiroshima University Archives
Issue 16
Date of Issue:2014-02-28
current number
ISSN : 1880-263X
Publisher : Hiroshima University Archives
The Revised Tentative Plan of The Public Records Management Act. <Article>
PP. 1 - 50
Development of Transfer Criteria for Corporate Documents on Hiroshima University Archives <Article>
Murakami Junko
PP. 51 - 70
Temperature and Humidity Management of the Stack Room at the Main Building of Hiroshima University Archives <Article>
Murakami Junko
PP. 71 - 83
Annual Report of the Public Records Management Section, 2013 <Record>
Murakami Junko
PP. 84 - 88
The Record of the Exhibition at Homecoming Day, The Selection of "Showa no Kaori", which is the Collection of Signatures of Famous Personalities in Showa Era. <Record>
PP. 89 - 93
The Record of Opening of the Exhibition Booth “The Youth of the Hiroshima High School under the Old System : The Origin of the Faculty of Integrated Arts", and of the 90th Anniversary Ceremony of Establishment of the Hiroshima High School. <Record>
PP. 94 - 97