Antiferroquadrupole order and magnetic field induced octupole in CeB6

Physical Review B Volume 85 Issue 17 Page 174417- published_at 2012
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Antiferroquadrupole order and magnetic field induced octupole in CeB6
Yonemura Takumi
Kunimori Keisuke
Iga Fumitoshi
Nagao Tatsuya
Igarashi Jun-ichi
Source Title
Physical Review B
Volume 85
Issue 17
Start Page 174417
We have studied the antiferroquadrupole ordered phase of CeB6 in magnetic fields by resonant x-ray diffraction. By analyzing the significant change in the energy spectrum on reversing the field direction along [1̅ 1 0], we have deduced field dependencies of the antiferro components of magnetic dipole, electric quadrupole, and magnetic octupole moments which are simultaneously induced in the Ce 4f orbital with a propagation vector (1/2,1/2,1/2). The data treatments are based on theoretically calculated spectral functions. The existence of the field-induced octupole is also concluded for other field directions. We also show direct evidence for the formation of a linear-combination-type antiferroquadrupole order parameter in magnetic fields, which is expressed as 〈αOyz+βOzx+γOxy〉 and changes continuously with the field direction (α,β,γ). A possibility of observing the quadrupolar fluctuation is also pointed out.
Physics [ 420 ]
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American Physical Society
Date of Issued 2012
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[ISSN] 1098-0121
[DOI] 10.1103/PhysRevB.85.174417
[NCID] AA11187113