How to Deposit

How to deposit your work into the HiR

Depositing a scholarly material is time-consuming, for instance, checking a copyright permission, creating a metadata, etc. However, Hiroshima University Library staff will do most this work, so it won't take much of your time.

Journal Papers

Just send the electronic copy of the journal paper as an email attachment to with brief bibliographic details such as journal name and DOI. In case of a file larger than 10MB, split it into less than 10MB files, or save it into recording media such as CD-R or DVD and send to Hiroshima University Library Institutional Repository Section by mail.

Hiroshima University Library staff will do all task below:
  • check the copyright permissions
  • convert text and image files to secured PDF file if you want
  • create a metadata of your paper
  • upload an electronic file of your paper to the HiR

If the publisher or association allows to deposit the PDF version of the publication, you may just send us the publisher version PDF file of the journal paper which can be taken from publisher EJ site*. Or you just can send us your final manuscript (author's version) of your articles-including text (Word or TeX dvi file) and image files, etc-. Revision and editing due to the referee result maybe conduct, except insertion of publisher logos, copyright statements etc. into the manuscript.

* The list of publishers allowing the deposit of their published version PDF in Institutional repositories is available on SHERPA-Romeo website at:

If the publisher of your article does not permit deposit in repositories, we cannot archive the manuscript in full text.

We also accept retrospective journal articles. Please contact us for further information. We will scan articles from printed journals or reprints, and full text of the article will be made available through HiR, after copyright permissions are confirmed.

For detailed information about copyright, please see here.

Doctoral Thesis

Send an electronic copy and agreement. If you don't have an electronic copy, send a letter of agreement only. Hiroshima University Library will digitalize your thesis from print version.

Other scholarly materials

Most research or scholarly outputs -books and book chapters, conference papers, posters and presentations, lecture materials, working papers, discussion papers, research data sets, and other research- will be accepted. Send an electronic copy of any such materials by email or a copy to Hiroshima University Library Institutional Repository Section by mail, and our staff will check the relevant copyright permissions and place them in the HiR.


If you have any question, or would like to know more details, please contact us .

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