How to use HiR

This page describes how to use the Hiroshima University Institutional Repository (HiR).
Note:For details on how to deposit your work into HiR, please see "How to deposit.".


The search box on the front page of HiR helps you finding files by keywords and detailed search in the results window makes your search even more specific.


The left menu, “Browse,” leads you to obtain materials from various viewpoints such as relevant department and subject.

To use contents

  • All contents on HiR are available without charge.
  • Copyrights of contents are owned by the author(s), publisher or academic association. For secondary use of a content, please use it within the range stipulated in copyright law, or obtain permission from copyright holder of the content.
  • When referring to contents by social media, webpage and publication, please use the reference URL described on the metadata page, for example " )" in order to prevent link breakage.


Abolished the function on April 19, 2023.


The following APIs are provided. With caching results once obtained, please be sure to reduce the number of API calls as much as possible.

Content metadata (OAI-PMH)

Base URL
metadataPrefixoai_dc(OAI-DC) or jpcoar_1.0(JPCOAR Schema[Content ID (8 digits with 0 padding)]
setIt cannot be specified.
  • e.g.) To acquire the metadata of the content ID “23065” in OAI-DC format
  • e.g.) To acquire the metadata of the contents whose metadata has been updated (including new registrations) from March 29th to March 31st 2016 in jpcoar_1.0 format

Access statistics

This month[ Content ID (or 8 digits with 0 padding)]/monthly/
Monthly[ Content ID (or 8 digits with 0 padding)]/
All[ Content ID (or 8 digits with 0 padding)]/

The return value in json format is as follows.
{"title_ja":"[Japanese title]","title_en":"[English title]","url":"[URL]","total":{"count":[Total number of access and download]},"access":{"count":[ the number of views on the metadata page]},"download":{"count":[ the number of views on the content]}}

  • e.g)When acquiring the access statistic of the content ID "23065" for October 2015. (Either of the following)