Studies in European and American Cultures
Issue 24
Date of Issue:2017-12-27
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Publisher : 広島大学大学院人間社会科学研究科欧米文化研究会
Analysis of Root Modality must: From the perspective of possible worlds semantics and speech acts
Goda Yuko
PP. 5 - 22
A Study of English Adjective Synonyms: immediate and instant
Tatara Taira
PP. 23 - 40
Deviating from Norms in Hiromi Goto’s Books: Representation of Mushrooms in Chorus of Mushrooms (1994)
Kishino Hidemi
PP. 41 - 58
Establecimientos correccionales para niños en la Ciudad de México de la segunda mitad del siglo XIX
PP. 59 - 73
Das Zeitverständnis im Zauberberg von Thomas Mann
PP. 75 - 92