The Journal of Social Studies Education in Asia Volume 11
published_at 2022

How to Protect Ourselves from Disasters: The Role of Social Studies Education in Collaboration with Asian Nations

Ida Yoshiyasu
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The purpose of this study is to propose the significance of education for disaster prevention collaborated with Asia countries. The challenge lies in maintaining a high level of motivation for disaster prevention topics among students from elementary to high school, especially in classes of social studies and the same or equivalent subjects, geography and history. The proposal for disaster reduction education in this paper is as follows. The disaster prevention education for elementary to high school should always be devised according to the characteristics of each school type so that students can view the topic as their “personal matter.” One of such attempts would be introducing the topic of real-time disasters that occur in the world, especially in Asia, to integrate into the class contents, along with the information regarding disaster prevention measures implemented in these countries, to enhance students’ awareness of disasters and disaster prevention.
Social studies
Disaster prevention education
Personal matter
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