Journal of Professional Development for Teachers and School Leaders

ISSN : 2433-8664
Publisher : Hiroshima University
Professional Graduate School for Teacher Education
Instructional methods for encouraging the Use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies: With the Perspective of Universal Design for Learning
OGAWA, Rina; MIYASATO, Tomoe; KASHIBA, Mitsuko;
PP. 1 - 10
Development of Arithmetic lessons to develop statistical problem-solving skills (1): Focusing on learning materials that make use of play, including the probability of developing in the lower grades
PP. 11 - 22
A Study on the Acquired Competency of Students through River Education and the Structure of Associated Factors
MOMOHARA, Kento; SEYA, Atsuyuki; NISHIMURA, Misaki; IWASAKI, Yasuhiro; AOKI, Rie; MANABE, Mizuho; UTANI, Ryosuke; NISHIMURA, Ko; KINOSHITA, Hiroyoshi;
PP. 23 - 29
A Study on the Elderly as a Leaders in Child-rearing: Focusing on Trends in Child-rearing Support Measures
YANG, Dan;
PP. 31 - 40