The Hiroshima University studies, Graduate School of Letters

ISSN : 1347-7013
Publisher : Graduate School of Letters, Hiroshima University
Introductory Research on Japanese Kanshi Poetry
Sato, Toshiyuki;
PP. 1 - 14
On the Name and Role of Indra: From the Viewpoint of Yāska’s Etymology and Theology
Kawamura, Yuto;
PP. 15 - 28
Hankō (domain school) library books in the early Meiji era -Use of books in the selection of books at takatō domain
Shirai, Jun;
PP. 29 - 46
Philantropie und utopische Welt in C. F. Weißes Kinderschauspiel
Kobayashi, Ekiko;
PP. 47 - 62
The Small Clause Analysis of Copular Sentences in Old Japanese: The Comparative Study of Old and Modern Japanese
Ueno, Takafumi;
PP. 63 - 95
Geographical Analysis of the Locations of Plant Factories in Japan
Goto, Takuya;
PP. 97 - 109
Li, Junyang; 張 璇;
PP. 111 - 127
“Burning” as “World Literature”: Beyond Haruki Murakami’s “Barn Burning”
Yamane, Yumie;
PP. 51 - 71
“Ruritsubo no Eika Hyakushu” (Collection, Kansubon (Scroll-book)) An anthology of poems attributed to Sugawara no Michizane: Reprinting and Bibliography
Seno, Yoshinobu;
PP. 17 - 35
A Chronological Record of Narushima Nobuyuki’s Career (19)
Kubota, Keiichi;
PP. 1 - 15