Hiroshima University Management Review

ISSN : 1346-4086
Publisher : The Management Society of Hiroshima University
‘Austronesia’ and Taiwan-Pacific Island Countries Relations : Evolution of a Transnational Region of Non-State Actors in Interstate Relations
Ogashiwa, Yoko;
PP. 17 - 33
Ways to regulate tax avoidance by tax payers with GAAR about corporate re-organization transactions: A case study about effective adaptions of special GAAR for the closed company“ Dozoku-Kaisya”
Tezuka, Takahiro;
PP. 35 - 46
Accounting Issues in Social Welfare Corporations
Asao, Ryuji;
PP. 47 - 61
“Presentation and Disclosure” on the IASB’s Conceptual Framework and Information Set Approach
Nagahama, Terumi;
PP. 63 - 77
Effect of various products development made from local products on food loss reduction : Case study of Shimagocoro Corporation.
IDEYOSHI, Masayoshi; YASHIMA, Yuji; Kim, Jae Wook; Hosono, Kenji; SATO, Tsuyoshi;
PP. 81 - 88
Usefulness of Pre-Financial Information and Permissioned Blockchain
Kurusu, Masatoshi;
PP. 89 - 100
Anger Experiences and Coping Methods of Chinese Students in Japan
Fengyun, Zhang; Ro, Tou;
PP. 101 - 109
Theory and practice of delegation of accounting and other affairs Theory and practice of delegation of accounting and other affairs
Ishizaki, Yoshitaka;
PP. 113 - 128
The legitimacy of contract settlement conducted as a closing procedure of tax enquiries in the UK: Interactions with the“ rule of law” principle
Kanayama, Tomoaki;
PP. 129 - 141
Abstract of Doctor's Thesis in 2019
Abstract of Master's Thesis in 2019