Speech Acts, Social Reality, and the Cooperative Principle in Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim

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Speech Acts, Social Reality, and the Cooperative Principle in Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim
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Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education
Issue 20
Start Page 115
End Page 134
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本稿では,ジョウゼフ・コンラッドの小説『ロード・ジム』の分析を通じて,語用論理論の有用性を検証する。分析にあたり参照するのは,J. L. オースティン,J. サール,H. P. グライス,以上の三名の哲学者と,応用言語学者H. G. ウィドウソンによる理論である。言語行為,社会的現実,談話,協調の原理といった概念を援用し,『ロード・ジム』を,作中より抽出された三カ所の会話部分に特に焦点を当てて分析する。これにより,語用論理論が小説の分析にどの程度有用であり,また小説の読解が,本稿における語用論的枠組みにどのような課題を投げかけるかを探る。

In this article, we assess the value of pragmatic theory through an analysis of a particular novel: Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim. We draw on the ideas of three philosophers, J. L. Austin, J. Searle, and H. P. Grice, as well as the work of an applied linguist, H. G. Widdowson. We use ideas on speech acts, social reality, discourse, and the cooperative principle to examine Lord Jim, with a particular focus on three pieces of embedded spoken discourse in the novel. By doing so, we examine how well the theory helps with an analysis of the novel, and how a reading of the novel challenges the pragmatics framework that we use.

In our analysis we find that the speech act framework that we use, adapted from Austin’s How to Do Things with Words, works well in the analysis of the discourse. We also find that Widdowson’s technique of expanding discourse to make cohesion between sentences more overt works well for exploring implicature. In contrast, Austin’s technique for using reported speech to find illocutionary verbs is problematic. A further problem is that the cooperative principle seems too limited in the diversity of oral interaction within the novel, particularly in relation to interlocutors who are in some way unreliable.
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[ISSN] 1347-0892
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