IPSHU English Research Report Series Issue 28
published_at 2012-03

Results and perspectives of application of the tooth enamel EPR dosimetry at wide-scale radiation accidents

Ivannikov Alexander
Skvortsov Valeri
Stepanenko Valeri
Zhumadilov Kassym
Hoshi Masaharu
Tsyb Anatotly
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The experience of using the tooth enamel EPR dosimetry method at wide-scale radiation accidents is analyzed in order to estimate the real possibilities and area of application of the method. The summary results of our investigations and results of other authors on the application of the EPR dosimetry method for investigation of the radiation effects of nuclear tests on the population of the Semipalatinsk region are presented. Also, our results of application of the EPR method for investigation of radiation effects on the population of radioactively contaminated territories after the Chernobyl accidents are presented in order to perform joint cross verification of the EPR method and other methods of dose reconstruction, such as the calculations based on the level of radioactive contamination and information about individual behavior. The experience of using the EPR method at control radiation uncontaminated territories is analyzed in order to estimate the real sensitivity of the method and effectiveness of its application for the population of territories with low level of radioactive contamination.
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