IPSHU English Research Report Series Issue 28
published_at 2012-03

What is the origin of ^<137>Cs detected in under-floor soil samples of houses built in 1-3 years after the Hiroshima atomic bomb ?

Yamamoto Masayoshi
Sakaguchi Aya
Hoshi Masaharu
Imanaka Tetsuji
Miyamoto Yutaka
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Since 2008, we have measured 137Cs and 239,240Pu isotopes in about 60 soil samples from the under-floor of 20 houses built within 1-3 years after 1945, in order to evaluate the close-in fallout deposition due to the "Black rain" at the time of Hiroshima atomic explosion. 239,240Pu was used as indicator to evaluate the contamination from global fallout 137Cs other than Hiroshima A-bomb derived 137Cs.

As a result, it seems likely that 137Cs deposition at that time due to the Hiroshima A-bomb is 50-100 Bq/m2.
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