IPSHU English Research Report Series Issue 28
published_at 2012-03

Study into epilation among residents and "black rain" fallout in the Manose district of Nagasaki City following dropping of the atomic bomb

Honda Kouya
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It became clear from the testimony of residents that a considerable amount of black rain fell in the Manose district of Nagasaki City . The Manose district is a small settlement located in a mountainous area approximately 7.5 km northwest from the hypocenter. Not only did black rain fall, but the residents experienced high incidence of epilation. Soil sampling aimed at detecting plutonium originating from the atomic blast was conducted primarily in the Manose district in July 2011. The black rain in the Manose district is a valuable incident in terms of determining the effects on the human body of low-level radiation exposure, and further analysis appears needed.
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