Memoirs of the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. VI, Studies in health and physical education

ISSN : 0289-3002
Publisher : 広島大学総合科学部
A study of the technical skills of 180 degrees changing direction on the water polo games
Irizawa Masanori Enomoto Itaru
PP. 1 - 5
Longitudinal study on the effects of training upon physical fitness of middle-aged and older men in promotional class of health
Kikuchi Kunio Usui Sachio Kyu Gyohei
PP. 7 - 15
Effects of cortical magnetic stimulation on agonist facilitation and antagonist inhibition of varying wirst flexion force in man
PP. 17 - 24
Karl Wassmannsdorff's Beiträge zur Geschichte der Leibesübungen im deutschen Mittelalter und in der frühen Neuzeit.
PP. 25 - 35
Special sports' training course for physically handicapped students : a review of nine years' experience
Yamasaki Masahiro Nanba Koji Arai Sadamitsu Usui Sachio
PP. 53 - 59