An Analysis of Korean Prejudice Against Southeast Asia Using Big Data: From the Perspective of the Social Studies Education

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An Analysis of Korean Prejudice Against Southeast Asia Using Big Data: From the Perspective of the Social Studies Education
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The Journal of Social Studies Education in Asia
Volume 12
Start Page 41
End Page 56
Number of Pages 16
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[ISSN] 24341797
[NCID] AA12857878
The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced measures such as border closures and travel restrictions that have never been experienced before. People around the world have started projecting their anxieties, fears, and feelings of hatred onto specific groups rather than seeking solutions to the problem. This has resulted in acts of hatred and discriminatory behavior towards Asians and others. So, what about South Korean society? Is it effectively fulfilling its role in promoting global citizenship through social and educational means? In this study, big data on Southeast Asia has been collected and analyzed for about two years since January 2020, when the COVID-19 outbreak started spreading across the globe, to find out the perception of Korean society on Southeast Asia. According to the big data analysis results that come from socialization created by the news and the media, which is the leading cause of prejudice against Southeast Asia in Korean society. In particular, the passive attitude of academia, which should present the correct standards and directions, was made worse, as seen in social studies textbooks. As a result, intensive efforts of social studies education to critically view the media are essential in order to correct the prejudice that causes negative emotions toward Southeast Asia in Korean society in the short-term plan. In the long-term plan, it is necessary to reorganize the national-level curriculum and review the textbook contents through verification by regional research experts.
Big data analysis
Southeast Asia
Social studies education
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The International Social Studies Assosiation
Date of Issued 2023-03-31
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