On-machine measurement of thermal influence of the long-span crossbeam of gantry machine tools using a 3D laser profiler

Precision Engineering Volume 82 Page 52-61 published_at 2023-03-13
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On-machine measurement of thermal influence of the long-span crossbeam of gantry machine tools using a 3D laser profiler
Zhao Zhiyang
Huang Nuodi
Zhong Lei
Du Zhengchun
Zhu Limin
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Precision Engineering
Volume 82
Start Page 52
End Page 61
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EISSN 0141-6359
NCID AA11537543
For gantry machine tools, the large-span beam is an important structural component, and its deformation is significantly affected by temperature. It is still a crucial problem to identify the thermal error of the motion axis continuously and in real-time. This paper proposed an on-machine measurement (OMM) method to evaluate the thermal influence on long-span crossbeam of the gantry machine tools, using a high-precision 3D laser profiler and a set of artifacts. Firstly, kinematic model to compute the deformation of the crossbeam is established considering the position calibration of the laser profiler. As the Y-axis relies on the crossbeam, thermal errors of the Y-axis are identified to evaluate the thermal influence on long-span crossbeam. Secondly, algorithms for the position calibration and the point cloud registration are proposed to solve the calibration matrix and the relative transformation matrix of the 3D laser profiler in the kinematic model. The thermal error of the Y-axis can then be identified by utilizing the developed kinematic model. Finally, a continuous warm-up experiment was carried out on a three-axis gantry machine tool, and the six thermal errors of the Y-axes during the warm-up process were calculated. The results verify the effectiveness of the proposed method. In addition, uncertainty analysis is conducted to evaluate the effect of the 3D laser profiler calibration error on thermal error identification based on the experimental results. It is proved that the proposed thermal error identification method is insensitive to position calibration errors.
Thermal error
long-span crossbeam
on-machine measurement
gantry machine tool
3D laser profiler
The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.52075337), the State Key Laboratory of Mechanical System and Vibration (No. MSVZD202113) and the Shanghai Pujiang Program (No. 2020PJD024).
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Date of Issued 2023-03-13
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