Enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity of anatase-rutile mixed-phase nano-size powder given by high-temperature heat treatment

Royal Society Open Science Volume 7 Page 191539- published_at 2020-01-15
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Title ( eng )
Enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity of anatase-rutile mixed-phase nano-size powder given by high-temperature heat treatment
Ishigaki Takamasa
Nakada Yusuke
Uchikoshi Tetsuo
Tsujimoto Yoshihiro
Isobe Masaaki
Ogata Hironori
Zhang Chenning
Hao Dong
Source Title
Royal Society Open Science
Volume 7
Start Page 191539
Nano-size EVONIK AEROXIDE® P25 titanium dioxide, TiO2, powder was heat-treated at temperatures, 700–900°C, in air. An X-ray diffraction study showed that the P25 powder is composed of approximately 20 and approximately 80 mass% of rutile and anatase phases, respectively. It was also shown that the transformation from anatase to rutile induced by hightemperature heat treatment was almost completed at 750°C, whereas a small amount (less than 3 mass%) of anatase phase was still left even in the powder heat-treated at 900°C. The transformation behaviour was consistent with results obtained by Raman scattering spectroscopy. Raman experiments also indicated that high-temperature heating induced the formation of oxide ion vacancies. Powders were dispersed in methyl orange (MO) aqueous solution, and the bleach rate of MO was measured to evaluate photocatalytic activity under ultraviolet (UV)- and visible-light irradiation. After the heat treatment, the UV-light photocatalytic performance sharply deteriorated. Interestingly, visible-light photocatalytic activity was enhanced by high-temperature heating and reached the highest performance for an 800°C-heated sample, indicating that the P25 powder obtained high visible-light photocatalytic performance after heat treatment. Even after 900°C heat treatment, the photocatalytic performance was higher than that of as-received powder. Enhancement of photocatalytic activities was discussed in relation to visible light absorption and charge carrier transfer.
titanium oxide
nano-size powder
phase transformation
T.I., H.O. and D.H. were supported by a programme, the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities, grant no. S1311023, from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan.
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Royal Society of Chemistry
Date of Issued 2020-01-15
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[ISSN] 2054-5703
[DOI] 10.1098/rsos.191539
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