Preparation of oriented ZnO rod arrays using hexagonal plate-like particles as a seed layer

Langmuir Volume 39 Issue 1 Page 487-494 published_at 2022-12-27
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Preparation of oriented ZnO rod arrays using hexagonal plate-like particles as a seed layer
Koyasu Satoshi
Makino Hiroki
Suzuki Tohru
Uchikoshi Tetsuo
Ishigaki Takamasa
Source Title
Volume 39
Issue 1
Start Page 487
End Page 494
ZnO rod film is a promising material for electrodes and sensors due to its large surface area and high electrical conductivity. One of the drawbacks of conventional ZnO rod film is the random orientation of rods. In this study, an oriented ZnO seed layer composed of hexagonal plate-like ZnO particles was prepared by dip-coating. An oriented ZnO rod film was then synthesized by growing this seed layer using a hydrothermal synthesis method. We optimized the concentration of the precursor and the hydrothermal treatment time to synthesize homogeneous ZnO rod arrays. The uniformity of the rod arrays was improved by applying a strong magnetic field (12 T) during hydrothermal treatment.
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American Chemical Society
Date of Issued 2022-12-27
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