Expanding a Third-Year Medical English Curriculum at a Japanese National University

広島外国語教育研究 Issue 25 Page 1-13 published_at 2022-03-01
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Expanding a Third-Year Medical English Curriculum at a Japanese National University
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Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education
Issue 25
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本稿では,医学部3 年生英語カリキュラムを,症例に関する教材と症例報告を一体化させるために,どのように拡張することができるかを議論し,そして,その後の医学の研究や発展が,大学病院における医療活動に導くことが可能かを考える。つまり,医療機関である病院と教育・研究機関である大学の連携を探求する。
症例報告の研究に関して,医学部3 年生にとって最も役に立つ部分は「事例発表」であり,また,通常の事例に基づいた教材が,学生たちが専門領域を学ぶというレベルでは,仮想の事例に基づいた教材より有益であると筆者たちは考える。意味を重視したインプット,言語の焦点化,そして意味を重視したアウトプットに関わるNation & Newton の主張に沿い,いかに仮想の事例や課題がリーディングとライティングの活動に導くことができるか,また,コース課題を事例発表に見られる主要な構築表現に焦点化するためにどのように設計すべきかを吟味する。完全な(フルの)事例報告に関しては,教材はリーディングと言語(表現)を重視すべきであるが,ライティングはアブストラクト(要約)を扱う課題に用いることができるだろう。
In this article, the authors consider how a third-year medical English curriculum could be expanded to incorporate materials on cases and case reports, then discuss how further research and development could be oriented towards the activities of their university hospital. In the article the links between the two locations,the hospital and the campus, are discussed.
In relation to research on case reports, the authors argue that the most useful section of a case report for third-year students is the case presentation, and that materials based on usual cases offer more possibilities at the level of learning in the third year of medical studies. Using Nation and Newton’s ideas on meaning-focused input, language focus, and meaning-focused output, the authors consider how hypothetical cases and tasks can be oriented towards reading and writing, and how tasks can be designed to focus on key structuring phrases in case presentations. Concerning full case reports, the authors argue that materials are more likely to be oriented towards reading and language focus, but that writing can be used in tasks involving abstracts, in which students summarize the body of a case report.
Regarding the hospital itself, the authors argue that research on its activities could be used to create dual-use audiovisual materials. These could both aid language learning for students and also aid medical staff when they provide explanations of processes and procedures for patients.
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