Environmentally Benign Synthesis and Color Tuning of Strontium–Tantalum Perovskite Oxynitride and Its Solid Solutions

Inorganic Chemistry Volume 60 Issue 7 Page 4852-4859 published_at 2021-02-25
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Environmentally Benign Synthesis and Color Tuning of Strontium–Tantalum Perovskite Oxynitride and Its Solid Solutions
Sakata Takuya
Yoshiyuki Risa
Okada Ryoki
Urushidani Sohta
Koyama Kyohei
Masubuchi Yuji
Source Title
Inorganic Chemistry
Volume 60
Issue 7
Start Page 4852
End Page 4859
A facile method was successfully developed to prepare strontium–tantalum perovskite oxynitride, SrTaO2N, and its solid solutions. Urea was employed as a solid nitriding agent to eliminate the use of toxic NH3 gas. In addition, utilization of sol–gel-derived Ta2O5 gel as a Ta precursor allowed for completion of nitridation within a shorter period and at a lower calcination temperature compared with the conventional ammonolysis process. Optimization of the reaction conditions, such as the urea content, allowed for the production of solid solutions of SrTaO2N and Sr1.4Ta0.6O2.9. The products exhibited optical absorption and chromatic colors because of the narrower band gaps of oxynitrides compared with those of oxides. The O/N ratios of the solid solutions were easily adjusted by varying the amount of urea in the mixture of precursors. As a result, the colors of the products ranged from yellow to brown. The nitridation process and products developed in this study are interesting environmentally benign alternatives to conventional inorganic pigments.
This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI (Grant Numbers JP16H06439, JP17H03392, JP17H05483, JP18K19132, JP19H04699, and JP20H02439).
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American Chemical Society
Date of Issued 2021-02-25
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[DOI] 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.0c03758
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