B(MIDA)-Containing Diborons

ACS Omega Volume 2 Issue 9 Page 5911-5916 published_at 2017-09-18
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B(MIDA)-Containing Diborons
Seki Michinari
Kageyuki Ikuo
Source Title
ACS Omega
Volume 2
Issue 9
Start Page 5911
End Page 5916
Unsymmetrical B(MIDA)-containing diborons of potential synthetic utility were found to be synthesized from the readily available (neop)B–B(neop) and (HO)2B–B(OH)2, and the procedure was extended to the generation of symmetrical (MIDA)B–B(MIDA). NMR and X-ray crystal structure studies revealed that B(MIDA) units of all of the diborons obtained in this study were in rigid tetrahedral environment.
This work was financially supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Numbers JP16H01031 in Precisely Designed Catalysts with Customized Scaffolding and JP17K05864.
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American Chemical Society
Date of Issued 2017-09-18
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[ISSN] 2470-1343
[DOI] 10.1021/acsomega.7b01042
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