Reflections on an EMP (English for Medical Purposes) Project

広島外国語教育研究 Issue 23 Page 201-216 published_at 2020-03-01
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Reflections on an EMP (English for Medical Purposes) Project
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Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education
Issue 23
Start Page 201
End Page 216
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[PISSN] 1347-0892
[NCID] AA11424332
本稿の前半では,日本の医学部生を対象とした「医学英語(English for Medical Purposes, EMP)」のための「語彙リストの作成」と「教材開発」に関する6年間のプロジェクトについてまとめる。具体的には,プロジェクト開始時の計画立案,初期及び中期における改良,そして完成期の取り組みについて概観する。その中では,どのように学部生の医学に関する理解度を反映させるために計画を修正したか,また,学生用の教材に組み入れるべき「語彙リスト」をどのように作成し,そして「学習素材」と「語彙」の融合を図る必要性があったかを詳述する。さらに,開発したオンライン教材を「反転授業」に活用できるように,どのように改発・改良したかについても報告する。
In the first part of this article, we document and reflect on a six-year project to develop materials and a word list for undergraduates studying English for Medical Purposes (EMP) at a medical school in Japan. We describe the initial planning, early stage, mid-term innovation, and final stage of the project. We also recount how plans changed to reflect developing understandings of medicine and the need to consider both discourse and vocabulary together in order to create a word list embedded within the student materials. In addition, we note how plans for online materials were changed to create a flipped-learning course rather than a purely online course.
In the second part of the article, we discuss the relationship between general English and English for Medical Purposes, particularly with regard to vocabulary and grammar. We conclude by considering how further research on EMP could lead to a fully integrated English language curriculum for undergraduates.
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Date of Issued 2020-03-01
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[ISSN] 1347-0892
[NCID] AA11424332