Memories of Sail and Steam in Joseph Conrad’s ‘Youth’

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Memories of Sail and Steam in Joseph Conrad’s ‘Youth’
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Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education
Issue 23
Start Page 149
End Page 161
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[PISSN] 1347-0892
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本稿の後半では,「青春」を多読教材(graded reader)化することの有用性を考察する。「青春」は『ロード・ジム』『闇の奥』とともに三部作をなす作品であり,本作におけるジュディア号の航海と,『ロード・ジム』におけるパトナ号の航海は,プロット上の役割に共通点がみられる。『ロード・ジム』と『闇の奥』はすでに多読教材化されており,「青春」がそれらを補完することになる。また本作は短編小説であるため,多読教材化にあたり会話の縮約が不要である上,「語りの間接性」や「遅延解読」といった,コンラッド三部作の主要要素を解説するページの付加も可能だろう。さらに「青春」における船員達の行動は当時の船舶技術の変遷を背景としているため,本作はその背景テーマを読み取るのに適した教材である。最後に,簡潔なプロットと印象的な情景描写により,本作は読み物教材としての魅力を十分に有している。
In this article, we use Searle’s ideas on the logic of fiction and the construction of social reality to examine Joseph Conrad’s short story ‘Youth’, particularly in relation to the background theme of changing ship technology. To do this, we contrast the fictional voyage of the Judea in ‘Youth’ with the non-fictional voyage of the Palestine on which the story is based. In identifying the differences between the two, and in examining the ship technologies of the 1880s, we suggest that an important background theme in ‘Youth’ is the increasing dominance of steam over sail.
In the final part of the article, we consider the potential value of ‘Youth’ as a graded reader. It is an important part of a trilogy that includes Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness, with a very strong plot apposition between the voyage of the Judea in ‘Youth’ and the voyage of the Patna in Lord Jim. As both Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness have been converted into graded readers, ‘Youth’ would supplement these. As a short story, it does not need shortening for conversion into a graded reader, and there would be space for an introduction that highlights some key aspects of Conrad’s writing, these being his use of embedded narrations and delayed decoding that appear throughout the trilogy. In addition, ‘Youth’ has an important theme of changing ship technologies that acts as an important background to the foregrounded behaviour of the ship’s officers and crew. Finally, simplicity of the plot combined with powerful visual scenes make it an attractive story to read.
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