Terminological Analysis in the Construction of a Body-systems-based Medical English Glossary

広島外国語教育研究 Issue 22 Page 77-90 published_at 2019-03-01
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Terminological Analysis in the Construction of a Body-systems-based Medical English Glossary
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人体の構造と機能(Body Systems)に関する「医学英語用語集」構築に関わる語彙的分析
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Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education
Issue 22
Start Page 77
End Page 90
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[PISSN] 1347-0892
[NCID] AA11424332
本稿は,医学部生のための「医学英語用語集」構築に関わる過程を詳述するものである。この研究は,長年にわたる「医学を目的とした英語(教育)= English for Medical Purposes, EMP」プロジェクトの一部であり,医学部2・3年生を対象とした教材開発を目指している。現在開発中の「医学英語用語集」は,教材作りとコーパスを用いた分析の相互作用を経て作成した「語彙リスト」を発展させるものになる予定である。教材の章分けは「人体の構造と機能」に基づいており,医学専門家からの助言とコーパス言語学の知見を生かしたものとなっている。
This article provides an account of the process involved in creating a glossary of medical terms for undergraduate medical students. The present work forms part of a long-term EMP (English for Medical Purposes) project to develop pedagogic materials for students in their second and third years of study. The glossary, which is under development, will be an extension of a word list emerging from the interplay of materials design and corpus analysis. The units of materials are based on body systems, and have been informed by the input of medical specialists as well as corpus analytic methods.
We begin by describing the process of extraction of key terms from the classroom materials, before investigating the lexical characteristics of these items. Particular attention is paid to the morphology of words and the ways in which word parts and affixes combine to form complex medical terms. We then show how the glossary will be constructed for ease of use by students of medical English, and how our analysis of the terms offers a framework by which materials can be created for teachers to aid them in the challenging task of teaching EMP.
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[ISSN] 1347-0892
[NCID] AA11424332