The Pilot Study for Health Check-Ups System at Elementary School in Cambodia

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The Pilot Study for Health Check-Ups System at Elementary School in Cambodia
Chuon Channarena
Svay Somana
Lim Olline
Nagashima Shintaro
Yamamoto Chikako
Ko Ko
Fujii Hiroko
Goto Noboru
Fujimoto Mayumi
Sato Tomoki
Source Title
Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences
Volume 67
Issue 3
Start Page 83
End Page 92
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[PISSN] 0018-2052
[EISSN] 2433-7668
[NCID] AA00664312
Background: In Cambodia, there is no national health check-ups system for the schoolchildren and the general population. This pilot study aimed to promote a school health check-ups system in collaboration with the government of Cambodia.
Method: From 2016 to 2017, we conducted a survey in an elementary school in Siem Reap province, Cambodia. Two hundred and ninety-two students were eligible for data analysis. Physical examination, questionnaire and urinalysis were conducted using the Japanese school health check-ups model. Anthropometry was measured using the World Health Organization’s growth reference data for school-age children.
Results: Among 292 schoolchildren, 88.7% were diagnosed as healthy. Based on the evaluation criteria of health examination in the study, two (0.7%) students with rale, one (0.3%) student with abnormal urinalysis, and another 27 students complaining of cardiopulmonary symptoms were recommended for further consultation at hospital. The prevalence of overweight (15.1%) was higher than that of underweight (8.6%). According to parents’ questionnaires responses, the coverage rate of the National Immunization Program varied from 41.8% to 79.8% depending on each particular vaccine.
Conclusion: In this pilot study, we showed the prevalence of healthy among Cambodian schoolchildren and detected the students having possibility of health problem through this health check-ups and then recommended for further hospital visit. Based on the results, we assume that health check-ups system in elementary school as a whole Cambodia will be effective to assess the current health status in ordinary time and possibility of early detection of disease.
school health check-ups
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Date of Issued 2018-09
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[ISSN] 0018-2052
[ISSN] 2433-7668
[NCID] AA00664312
[DOI] 10.24811/hjms.67.3_83