Skipping and Running Improve Short-Term Memory in Young Adults

Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences Volume 67 Page 147-152 published_at 2018-05
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Title ( eng )
Skipping and Running Improve Short-Term Memory in Young Adults
Ardyarini Hikmatunnisa Tri
Qolby Qonita Nur
Maharani Nani
Laksono Budi
Budisulistyo Trianggoro
Muniroh Muflihatul
Source Title
Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences
Volume 67
Start Page 147
End Page 152
Background: Aerobic exercise has been reported to improve memory function. Skipping and running are known as sports that easy to do and like by young adults. However, their effect to improve short-term memory in young adults has not been studied yet. Objective: to know the effect of skipping and running to improve short-term memory in young adults. Method: This study used quasi experimental research design with pre- and post-test unequivalent group. The subjects were medical students of Diponegoro University (n = 80), aged 18-22 years old, who were selected by purposive sampling and divided into 4 groups: skipping 3 times a week for 8 weeks (n=20), group without exercise as a skipping control (n=20), running with music for 30 minutes (n=20), and running only as its control. Short-term memory in pre- and post-test were measured using Scenery Picture Memory Test and data were analyzed using paired t-test, unpaired t-test, Wilcoxon, and Mann-Whitney. Results: There was a significant difference in short-term memory (p<0.05) after skipping or running either with music or not (p=0.000). Short-term memory in skipping and running with music groups were significantly increase (p<0.05) compared with its each control, 3.6±2.63 vs 0.95±3.12, and 5.0±2.66 vs 3.05±1.76, respectively Conclusion: Short-term memory can be improved by regular skipping exercise and running particulalrly with music in young adults.
aerobic exercise
short term memory
Medical sciences [ 490 ]
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Hiroshima University Medical Press
Date of Issued 2018-05
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