Creating Online English Materials for Medical Students

広島外国語教育研究 Issue 20 Page 49-64 published_at 2017-03-01
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Creating Online English Materials for Medical Students
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Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education
Issue 20
Start Page 49
End Page 64
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[PISSN] 1347-0892
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近年,日本の高等教育に従事している教員は,よりグローバルな課題や場面に対応できる教育内容を学生に提供する必要性をより認識しつつある。これは医学教育においても例外ではない。例えば,日本医学英語教育学会(the Japan Society for Medical English Education: JASMEE)は,日本の医学生の英語運用能力を国際的な医学英語教育基準に見合うレベルに引き上げるための指針を,2015年に発表した。このような背景もあり,広島大学医学部からは,医学生のいわゆる基本的な英語運用力を滋養するのではなく,より高度な(専門的な)英語力を養成するための支援を要請された。本プロジェクトは,医学部3年生を対象とした「医学英語集中講座」を企画・実践することによって得られた成果に基づいている。具体的には,医学生に対してより専門的な医学英語を提供するために「コーパス分析」を行い,それをもとに「使用頻度の高い語彙リスト」を作成し,それらをオリジナル教材の中核に据えた。

Recent years have seen educators at the tertiary level in Japan become increasingly concerned with the need to provide students with a more globally-oriented education, and the field of medicine is no exception. In 2015, the Japan Society for Medical English Education (JASMEE) published guidelines developed with the aim of raising the medical English proficiency of Japanese medical students to levels necessary for “meeting the global standards of medical English education”. Against this backdrop, the medical faculty at Hiroshima University has requested help with the development of their students’ English-language skills that goes beyond a basic command of English. The project described here has been driven by our success in developing and teaching an intensive English course for third-year medical students at the university, with corpus analyses and frequency-based word lists playing an integral role in materials development.

In this new project, our intention is to exploit the use of information technology at our university and create e-learning opportunities for students of medicine and other medically-related fields. In order to expand upon what can be accomplished in the classroom, we plan to build a set of online medical English materials. Targeting second-year students, the main focus of the materials will be on anatomy, supported by elements of physiology and biochemistry. In this article, we describe the initial planning for the creation of the materials, and consider how to determine the content, the type of tasks to be used, and the selection of a suitable web-based platform to deliver the materials.
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