Dynamical quark effects on light quark masses.

Physical Review Letters Volume 85 Page 4674-4677 published_at 2000
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Title ( eng )
Dynamical quark effects on light quark masses.
CP-PACS Collaboration
Ali Khan A
Aoki S
Boyd G
Burkhalter R
Ejiri S
Fukugita M
Hashimoto S
Ishizuka N
Iwasaki Y
Kanaya K
Kaneko T
Kuramashi Y
Manke T
Nagai K
Shanahan H. P.
Ukawa A
Yoshié T
Source Title
Physical Review Letters
Volume 85
Start Page 4674
End Page 4677
Light quark masses are calculated in lattice QCD with two degenerate flavors of dynamical quarks. The calculations are made with improved actions with lattice spacing a = 0.22–0.11 fm. In the continuum limit we find mudMS̅(2 GeV) = 3.44-0.22+0.14 MeV using the π and ρ meson masses as physical input, and msMS̅(2 GeV) = 88-6+4 MeV or 90-11+5 MeV with the K or φ meson mass as additional input. The quoted errors represent statistical and systematic combined, the latter including those from continuum and chiral extrapolations, and from renormalization factors. Compared to quenched results, two flavors of dynamical quarks reduce quark masses by about 25%.
Resource Type journal article
The American Physical Society
Date of Issued 2000
Copyright (c) 2000 The American Physical Society
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[ISSN] 0031-9007
[DOI] http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevLett.85.4674 isVersionOf