Antiferromagnetic spin fluctuations in CeRhSn probed by 119Sn NMR

Physical review. B Volume 70 Page 100407-1-100407-4 published_at 2004
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Title ( eng )
Antiferromagnetic spin fluctuations in CeRhSn probed by 119Sn NMR
Tou Hideki
Kim M. S.
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Physical review. B
Volume 70
Start Page 100407-1
End Page 100407-4
We have carried out 119Sn nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements on the quasi-Kagomé compound CeRhSn. We found that 119Sn Knight shift (119K) is highly anisotropic and shows Curie-Weiss type temperature (T) dependence above 25 K. In this T range, the NMR relaxation rate shows 119(1/T1)α√T and is enhanced by magnetic fluctuations. At low T's, 119K stays constant and the enhanced Korringa relation of 119(T1TK2) = const is observed, differently from the non-Fermi-liquid behavior observed for bulk measurements. The present NMR results suggest that antiferromagnetic spin fluctuations exist in CeRhSn.
Physics [ 420 ]
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American Physical Society
Date of Issued 2004
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[ISSN] 1098-0121
[DOI] 10.1103/PhysRevB.70.100407
[NCID] AA11187113