The Journal of Social Studies Education in Asia Volume 7
published_at 2018

Parent Engagement Policy in Indonesia: Case of the Public Secondary School in Magelang, Central Java

Wasino Wasino
Siti Zulaicha
Fitri Amalia Shintasiwi
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The goal of the study is to describe the implementation of education public policy of parent engagement in education based on several data in the public secondary school with the policy analysis, namely Theory of Dunn. Based on Dunn’s idea that policy analysis is an intellectual activity and practice to create, to evaluate, and to communicate the policy process and knowledge. This research used qualitative method with the case study research model. The results showed in the implementing policy, the public secondary school undertook the following steps: the government agenda, policy formulation, implementation of policy and performance policy. The supporting factor came from communication and financial resources, disposition and bureaucratic structure. However, some obstacles of the policy implementation came from the lower institution who had no program to realize it. They only one was to put the policy as a slogan which stuck on the wall. In addition, the community did not know how to support it, because there was no reward or punishment in it.
parent engagement
public secondary school
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