ISSN:  2186-7909
発行元 :  西日本応用倫理学研究会
E. M. Grunelius’s learning for kindergarten teachers
杉岡 幸代
PP. 1 - 25
The leader of the informel, Nietzsche, which Tapie sought
金山 和彦
PP. 26 - 46
A consideration of the controversy over the Atheist interpretation of Schopenhauer's philosophy
多賀谷 誠
PP. 47 - 64
Seneca on Philosophical Discourse and Its Style: The Manifesto and the Hidden Agenda
中西 捷渡
PP. 65 - 83
A Study of Dewey's Pragmatism and Theories of Knowledge
任 雅楠
PP. 84 - 107
Spirituality in Modern Japan: (2) Beatrice Suzuki’s spirituality
宮嶋 正子
PP. 108 - 140
A study on the background of educational thought history in modern Japan
李 立業
PP. 141 - 165
Aesthetics in Wabicha of Sen Rikyu Focusing on the change from karamono to wamono (raku teacup)
吉 慶
PP. 166 - 191
History of Women's Magazines in Modern China
谷 雲星
PP. 192 - 212
Possibility of Education for School Refusers with Developmental Disorders by Steiner Education
PP. 213 - 226
A Study of the Ideological Background of Mindfulness Movement
福岡 佐緒理
PP. 227 - 266
Overcoming Nihilism in Nietzsche and Its Significance in Modern Times
安田 慧
PP. 267 - 284