ISSN:  2186-7909
発行元 :  西日本応用倫理学研究会
Reflection on Sin-Ku (hardship-suffering)
KONDO Yoshiki
PP. 1 - 16
The theory of self-awareness underlying Steiner education
PP. 17 - 34
For “Affirmation of Life” that does not Rely on the “Sanctity of Life” or “Human Rights”: Preparatory Work for a Critique of Eugenics
PP. 35 - 50
Newton’s Motive for Addition of “Rule IV of Reasoning” to his Principia
PP. 51 - 71
Contemporary Art Expression and Modeling Play: A Study of the Expressive Processes of MONO-HA and GUTAI
Kanayama Kazuhiko
PP. 72 - 97
Spirituality in Modern Japan: (3) Daisetz Suzuki’s Spirituality
Miyajima Masako
PP. 98 - 125
A study on the Fundamental Principles of Shinichirō Nishi's Moral Philosophy (2): Focusing on the theory of “Consciousness is Reality”
Li Liye
PP. 126 - 147
Editor GuanLu's Feminist Ideology and Stance on Colonialism in the Chinese Women's Magazine 'Women's Voice'
Gu Yunxing
PP. 148 - 167
A Study of the Ideological Background of Mindfulness Movement: 2
Fukuoka Saori
PP. 195 - 217
How Important are The Lives of Wild Animals: The Range of Animal Rights Theory and Its Limitations
Morikuni Yui
PP. 218 - 245