Annual Report of Research Center for Regional Geography

ISSN : 0915-5449
Publisher : Center for Regional Geography Hiroshima University
A Reminiscence My Quarter Century Fieldwork in Rural India <Special contribution>
Fujiwara Kenzo
PP. 1 - 39
Election of Foreigners' Advisory Council of Munich and Reexamination of Discourses Concerning Election from Viewpoint of Social Geography <Article>
Yamamoto Kenji
PP. 69 - 102
Community Development with Resident Participation in Heidelberg, Germany <Article>
Yui Yoshimichi Funku Carolin Kawada Tsutomu
PP. 123 - 146
ICT Industries and Multi-layer Development of Industnal District in Bangalore, India <Article>
Kuwatsuka Kentaro
PP. 147 - 169
Development Mechanisms of the Broiler Meat Production Areas in India. : Analysis Based on the Agribusiness Behaviors <Research Note>
Goto Takuya
PP. 171 - 187
Charactenstics of the Geographic Distnbution of Vegetation in the Ota River Basin <Research Note>
Nakagoshi Nobukazu Koga Tomoko Watanabe Sonoko
PP. 189 - 202
Study on a Labour Dispute in the National Capital Region of Delhi. : Case of a Japanese-affiliated Firm in Gurgaon <Forum>
PP. 203 - 214
Introduction of German Nationalatlas, Vol 8 'Enterprises and Markets' <Material>
Morikawa Hiroshi
PP. 215 - 243