Bulletin of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. I, Studies in human sciences


ISSN: 1881-7688
発行元 : 広島大学大学院総合科学研究科
The Effects of Minimum Rewards’ Experience Order in Rats Gambling Task
Qu, Ruoheng; Sakata, Shogo;
PP. 1 - 12
Kobayashi, Hideo; Skaer, Peter M.; Yamane, Noriko;
PP. 13 - 24
Factors Regulating Preparations for Pets in the Event of a Disaster: An Examination of Psychological Relationships Between Pets and Owners
Matsumoto, Chika; Sakata, Kiriko;
PP. 25 - 34
Reliability and Validity of the Mid-career Generalist Nurses Leadership Scale
Murata, Yuka; Sakata, Kiriko;
PP. 35 - 46
Historical Landscape of “the Road of Kanashima in Shibukawa, Gumma”: An Essay Employing the KANSEI-affective Philosophy Developed in Ryotaro Shiba’s Travel Writings Kaido wo Yuku
Kuwajima, Hideki;
PP. 47 - 69
Abstracts of Recent Doctoral Theses
A Study on Amelioration from Social Exclusion An Investigation Focusing on Attention and Emotion Regulation
Izaki, Tsubasa;
PP. 71 - 72
Organizational Factors of Work Stress in Japan In View of Vertical and Horizontal Management
Wang, Wei;
PP. 73 - 76
The Mixed Method Research of "Losing-" and "Not Losing Spirit" in Competition
Raima, Chiaki;
PP. 77 - 79
"Ethnic Aesthetics" in the Age of Multiculture: An Analysis on "Yūgen" in the Framework of Japanese Aesthetics
Zheng, Zilu;
PP. 81 - 83
Comparative Study of Wh-Questions and Sentence-fi nal Particles in Japanese and Chinese
Du, Xiaolei;
PP. 85 - 87
Studies on Procedural Justice for the Acceptance of Nuclear-Related Projects
Yamaguchi, Fumie;
PP. 89 - 91