Learning Terms and Word Parts on a Medical English Course

広島外国語教育研究 Issue 27 Page 61-76 published_at 2024-03-01
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Learning Terms and Word Parts on a Medical English Course
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Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education
Issue 27
Start Page 61
End Page 76
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[PISSN] 1347-0892
[NCID] AA11424332
In this article, we summarize our work on creating a medical English word list for students at Hiroshima University and its delivery, first via a set of courses and materials, and then through the development of software that includes the list. Through the software, students have the means to consolidate their acquisition of the word list as well as new words that they encounter in their future medical research.
The medical English word list has been developed via vocabulary-rich medical English materials designed by our team through research at the university’s medical school and corpus analysis of key reference books. The materials themselves have been taught through a mixture of a learning management system and in-person classes. We summarize this process and then focus on the development of the medical English word list and a further list of word parts, designed to sensitize students to the meanings contained within complex medical terms.
In the final part of the article, we describe how the new software incorporates the medical English word list, how it can be used to analyze the words in a text, and how the texts themselves can be saved for further study and as aids to the acquisition of medical terms during and beyond the students’ medical English courses.
医学英単語リストは,私たちのチームの医学部での教育研究成果と主要な参考書のコーパス分析を通してデザインした。教材そのものは,学習管理システム (Moodle) と対面授業の両方で使用している。
その過程を簡単に説明したのち,医学英単語リストおよび語源学習法のためのword parts リストに焦点を当てる。これらのリストは学生が複雑な語構成からなる医学用語をパーツに分解し,意味推測を容易にするために設計したものである。
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Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education, Hiroshima University
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