Petrofabric Study of a Peridotite Nodule from Ichinomegata, Japan

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Title ( eng )
Petrofabric Study of a Peridotite Nodule from Ichinomegata, Japan
Source Title
Journal of science of the Hiroshima University. Series C, Geology and mineralogy
Volume 6
Issue 3
Start Page 275
End Page 308
In a lherzolitic peridotite nodule from Ichinomegata, two or more planar structures can be discerned as defined by the preferred location of olivine grains belonging to the different individual direction groups as well as by the grain boundary fabric of olivine. Preferred lattice orientation of olivine in the peridotite nodule does not always correspond with the grain boundary fabric of olivine. The fabrics of orthopyroxene and clinopyroxene in the nodule are inconsistent with the olivine fabric. The olivine fabric may have been developed through the deformation under dry condition. It is likely that the lattice orientation of both pyroxenes is not related to the condition of deformation reflected on the olivine fabric. The earlier structure developed prior to the deformation may have been inherited in the observed state of preferred lattice orientation of both pyroxenes.
Resource Type departmental bulletin paper
Date of Issued 1971-12-30
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[ISSN] 0075-4374
[NCID] AA00706718