IPSHU English Research Report Series Issue 24
published_at 2009-09

Toward Bringing Stability in Afghanistan : A Review of the Peacebuilding Strategy

Uesugi Yuji
Shinoda Hideaki
Stanekzai Masoon
Kudo Masaki
Shams Shamsul Hadi
Kato Miwa
Futamura Madoka
Miyahara Nobutaka
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Introduction: A Need for 'Change' in the Peacebuilding Strategy for Afghanistan / Yuji Uesugi 1
Chapter 1: What Was Wrong With Afghanistan? Reflection upon the Past and Prospect for the Future / Hideaki Shinoda 13
Chapter 2: Examining Regime Change Dynamics in Afghanistan through Relationships between States and Armed Groups / Tatsuo Yamane 25
Chapter 3: Security Sector Reform in Afghanistan / Masoon Stanekzai and Masaki Kudo 39
Chapter 4: Assessing the Role of DDR in Afghanistan: Internal Security Provision and External Environment / Shamsul Hadi Shams 55
Chapter 5: Impact of Illicit Drugs on the Afghan Peacebuilding Process and the Establishment of the Rule of Law / Miwa Kato 77
Chapter 6: Transitional Justice in the Afghan Peacebuilding Process: The Potential and Limitations / Madoka Futamura 101
Chapter 7: Japanese Assistance to the Security Sector in Afghanistan / Nobutaka Miyahara 119
Chapter 8: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Insecurity: Counter-insurgency in Afghanistan / Yuji Uesugi 131