Shijin : Lovers of history

Publisher : Hiroshima Ancient History Study Group (former Shimomukai Laboratory)
The Graduate School of Human and Social Sciences, Hiroshima Univ. WATANABE SEMINAR
What is KOSHINAWA (腰縄) Written in the Lacquer Paper Document “Censorship Book of Personal Tools for Warriors” Excavated from KANOKO (鹿の子) C Site?: A Dialogue between Archeology, Ancient History, Japanese Linguistics, Legal Sociology and Folklore
PP. 1 - 31
About the Four Turning Points of the Heian Period: From the standpoint of The Theory of the OCHOKOKKA (王朝国家)
PP. 32 - 48
A Study on TAIRA-NO-SHIGEMORI (平重盛) ’birth mother and the people of her relative
SOGA Yoshinari
PP. 49 - 62
The Workers who for the Tatara Iron Manufacturing of Sakurai-ke: Analysis on Reward Cases of Tedai and Craftsmen
TOYA Tomofumi
PP. 63 - 75
The Dismantling of the Imperial Ritual System of the Japanese Ritsuryo State
PP. 76 - 107