Hiroshima Law Review
Issue 4
Date of Issue:2008-03-20
current number
ISSN : 1880-1897
(The Society of Law of Hiroshima University)
Recent movements around Fundamental Functions of Assets Mobilization and Securitization <Articles>
PP. 1 - 28
The 2008 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools <Articles>
PP. 29 - 34
La faillite et l'infamie <Articles>
PP. 35 - 60
Public offense with cutlery and Multiple Prosecutions <Articles>
PP. 61 - 89
Rationales for Supreme Court's Rule for Reduction of Lost Earnings to Present Value <Articles>
Okamoto Tomoko
PP. 91 - 113
Die Umstände von alleinerziehenden Mütter in der japanischen Arbeitsmarkt und die Verkürzung des Kindergeldes zum Unterhalten <Articles>
PP. 115 - 145