The Journal of Hiroshima University Dental Society
Volume 36
Issue 2
Date of Issue:2004-12-01
ISSN : 0046-7472
Publisher : Hiroshima University Dental Society
Reliability of Seven Oral Health-Related Factors of PRECEDE-PROCEED Model
Kawamura Makoto Kajiwara Kyoko Iwasaki Yoriko Shimoda Tetsuko Sasahara Hisako
PP. 187 - 191
New Development of Adhesion Theory : Effect of Thickness of Bonding Area on Fracture Strength during Conventional Tensile Test
Wakasa Kunio
PP. 192 - 197
A Method of Inputting the OSCE Data Accurately
PP. 198 - 200
A Case of Mandibular Protrusion with Mandibular Asymmetry and Missing of Maxillary Lateral Incisors Treated with Orthognathic Surgery
Tsuruda Hitoshi Ishimoto Katsumi
PP. 201 - 208
A Case of Solitary Plasmacytoma of the Mandible with Transition into Multiple Myeloma
PP. 209 - 212