The Journal of Hiroshima University Dental Society
Volume 31
Issue 1
Date of Issue:1999-06-01
ISSN : 0046-7472
Publisher : Hiroshima University Dental Society
Relationship of Tooth Loss to Osteoporotic Fractures in Japanese Older Women
PP. 1 - 4
Position of Incisors in Different Skeletofacial Patterns After Orthodontic Treatment
Tsuruda Hitoshi Yabuno Hiroshi
PP. 5 - 12
Adhesion of Candida albicans to denatured type I collagen
Tamagami Mami
PP. 13 - 24
The Effects of Containing Silver-zeolite as an Inorganic Antimicrobial Agent on Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties and Color of Tissue Conditioners
Ueshige Morikatsu
PP. 25 - 38
An Experimental Study of Connective Tissue Attachment Formation on Various Biomaterial Cores
Takahashi Akira
PP. 39 - 54
Development of a Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model with in vivo Implant-Bone Interface Structure
Shindoi Nobuaki
PP. 55 - 71
Expression of Osteopontin in Human Salivary Gland Tumors
Kagai Kiyoshi
PP. 72 - 84
An Experimental Study on Periodontal Ligament-like Tissue Formation on Dental Implants
Urabe Masaji
PP. 85 - 99
Studies of 36-kDa Bacteriolytic Enzyme Produced by Staphylococcus aureus
PP. 100 - 115
Studies on Telomerase Activity and Expression of Telomerase Components in Human Oral Cancers
Domen Tamiko
PP. 116 - 126
Study on Effects of Tumor Suppressor Genes and Cell-Cycle Regulators on Proliferation of Salivary Gland Tumors
Matsuo Keishi
PP. 127 - 141
Treatment Effects of the MEAW Technique for Angle Class I1 Open Bite Cases
Ohno Shigeru Nonoyama Daisuke Lee Kayou Kawahara Miyuki Honda Koubun Sasaki Akiko Shindo Kayo Tanaka Eiji Tanne Kazuo
PP. 142 - 147
Antimicrobial Effects of Silver-zeolite Containing Glass Ionomer Cement
Mukonoki Junko Yamano Ryosuke Tanne Kazuo
PP. 153 - 157
Association of intraarticular pathologic status with condylar position and craniofacial morphology in open bite patients with TMJ internal derangement
Tanaka Eiji Araki Ken-ichi Honda Kobun Sugiyama Hironori Tanne Kazuo
PP. 158 - 162
A Long Term Observation Case of Orthodontically Treated Inverted Impaction of a Maxillary Incisor
Tsuruda Hitoshi Ishimoto Katsumi
PP. 163 - 172
A Case of Prosthetic Treatment for a Mental Retardation Patient after Orthodontic Treatment
Nahara Yukinori Yamaguchi Sumio Miyake Yujiro Kawahara Michio
PP. 173 - 177
An orthodontically treated case of maxillary protrusion with missing of maxillary lateral incisor and canine caused by bone fructure of maxilla and alveolar bone fructure of mandibule
Ohno Masashi
PP. 178 - 182